Marisa Dawson

Admin, Transaction Coordinator, Realtor®

Marisa Dawson- Real Estate Agent

Kodiak, Alaska

University of West Florida, B.S. in Criminal Justice



As a child, Marisa moved around a lot due to both of her parents being in the Military. It was through these moving experiences she found the importance of owning a home and having a special place to call your own. Marisa knew that when she was offered the opportunity to work with aDoor Real Estate, she finally had the chance to help others do what her family always did for her, and that is to find that special place to call home.

Marisa has been in the Pensacola area since 2006 and enjoys spending most of her days outside. When she isn’t spending time working, you can find her out at the beach, somewhere in the woods, or on the tennis courts. Marisa stated that, if she had the opportunity, she would live in Pensacola forever.

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