John Kempf


Cherry Hill, New Jersey


John spent 25 years in the construction industry ranging from new homes to remodeling to historic restoration of pre-1927 homes in Denver, Colorado.

For seven years, John was a Police Officer and Deputy in North Carolina and retired from law enforcement as a Fraud and Financial Crimes Detective after visiting Pensacola on vacation in 2019.

After falling head over heels in love with Pensacola, John and his family left their jobs and relocated. Upon arriving, he decided to venture back into the home construction industry.

John finds a deep desire to help the community by putting people in their dream homes so they can love where they live as much as he does.

John can be found downtown most days enjoying a Fosko’s coffee and wandering around the town or relaxing on the beach with a book and a smile. John adores meeting the wonderful people that make Pensacola such a great town.

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