John Richard Dean


John Dean

Pensacola, Florida

University of West Florida, Associate Degree in Anthropology and Archaeology


With an associate’s degree in Anthropology and Archaeology from the University of West Florida, John has always enjoyed the study of humans and their progression across land and time. Coming from a family who has been involved in the development and investment of real estate for over 70 years, John has a born interest in the industry. As a child, he observed his family’s workflow of developing and investing in both commercial and residential real estate, which gave him a leg up when he decided to enter into the industry himself.

John enjoys working with aDoor because the company offers a close family-like atmosphere amongst the staff. This vibe contributes to a relaxed work environment that encourages growth and success. Having been raised to appreciate the land and the outdoors, John loves spending his time outside where he also serves as a licensed hunting guide in Wyoming.

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